Solutions for Institutions and Corporations

CEFR level test for employees or learners

Whether it’s hiring a new employee or issuing a placement test for a new learner, Corporations and Institutions will be able to get quick and reliable results, allowing you to focus more on growing your business.  Our CEFR level test now has AI driven fraud prevention as an optional feature should your organization require more secure and reliable test results.

Online custom testing for Institutions 

Create your own test with any content and start conducting online testing for your institution.  With over 40 interactive question types, from multiple choice to writing and speaking questions, you can creat and upload any content in over 350 language and an optional AI-driven remote proctoring to guarantee accuracy and test security.

Learning Management System Deployment

With support from our global partner and our experience in the training industry, Senakara can assist HR or L&D departments who want to turn their existing employee training and development programs such as product knowledge training, compliance training and employee on boarding program, with the most effective and efficient LMS platform.

Our Featured LMS Vendor: